The Selfie Pole SP-11

PolePhone HolderPolePhone HolderPhone Holder

The Selfie Pole

AUD $19.99 INC GST each




  • Mounting head which can fit large screen iPhone 6 and Samsung Note.
  • Universal screw to mount phone either landscape or portrait position.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length fully retracted 33cm
  • Length fully Extended 75.5cm
  • Weight 170g
  • Material Polycarbonate


ShutterBall fans have asked us for ways to bring their selfies to the next level, capture perfect pictures in front of landmarks, record live performers over the crowd at festivals and snap group shots at parties.

ShutterBall Australia came up with a solution to this ever popular demand, introducing - The Selfie Pole

The Selfie Pole is an extendable rod that looks and functions very much like the collapsible telescope. At the tip of the rod is an attachment for mounting a smartphone or camera. Just attach your smartphone to the selfie pole, use your Bluetooth remote ShutterBall to control the smartphone camera, extend the pole and capture the moment as it happens. SmartPole’s twist and lock feature is uniquely designed. One twist to lock and one twist to release.

The Selfie Pole with its universal screw can also be attached to portable cameras or even large screen phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 6plus.

A selfie arm with a convenient detachable shutter button, carry your Selfie Pole when an extenda-arm is needed, when more discrete selfies are need, just carry your ShutterBall separately with the Mini Phone Stand. Collected and build your own DIY selfie kit, easily carry the individual parts as you need.

The Selfie Pole - Better control over your photos.

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