Be In Every Group Shot.
Don't be left out! Join your friends, take pics with one hand while holding your phone in the other.
Expert Photographer in the making
No more arms length shots and phone camera buttons. Get a perfect picture up to 30m away.
Activate Video Recording
‘Click’ one device to activate multi cameras’ simultaneously. No annoying transfers from one device to another.
Timer App a thing of the past
Capture the moment as it happens, unlike timer-app. ShutterBall Australia's devices respond immediately.



Simply Awesome

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Picture perfect Solutions – What’s your Style?

The most responsive Bluetooth devices you’ll find


ShutterBall Australia is taking point and shoot cameras to the next level. Our Bluetooth remote triggers are legendary with superfast one second pairing.

  • A must have accessory for your smartphone
  • One button for pictures and videos
  • No more fumbling with phone camera button
  • Extensive battery life, no recharging required


We all love taking selfies, but we’re a bit limited by the length of our arms. Not any more. Now you can pop your phone in a convenient spot, stand anywhere you like and take your selfie remotely. Even better, if you’re with a group of friends and they all want photos, you can take pictures on their phones at the same time. How’s it done? With ShutterBall, a handy little device that fits in the palm of your hand and talks to your phone (iOS or Android) using Bluetooth. It’s good for up to 30 metres. Just download and install the app, pair the ShutterBall with your phone and you’re good to go. It runs off a button battery that will last for over five years, even if you’re a real shutterbug.
  • Wireless Camera Remote Trigger for your Smart device.
  • Capture the moment as it happens.
  • Pair with multi-Smart devices, one click to activate multi-cameras simultaneously.
  • Capture full length images and record videos from afar.
  • Forget-arms-length incomplete pictures which spoil your photo memory.
  • Pairs almost instantly, long distance active range without loss of connection.

Shutter Square is a handy little device about the size of a box of matches that communicates with your iPhone using Bluetooth. Best of all, you don’t need to download any App onto your phone, it works perfectly well with your current iPhone camera features, including burst shots. Take photos with your iPhone by remote trigger! This will make shooting selfies a breeze. Place your iPhone far enough away to shoot yourself and a whole group of friends, or capture the broad vista of a stunning landscape, with yourself in the foreground. It’s powered by a button battery that will last for well over a year, even if you were to take 100 pictures every day.

  • No App Needed.
  • Wireless Camera Remote Trigger for your iOS devices.
  • Turn every picture or video moment into perfection.
  • Burst selfie mode on iOS original camera performance.
  • Snap group pictures easily and be in every group shot.


Shutter Halo is a Bluetooth remote trigger for your smart phone camera that lets you take perfect pictures and videos. It’s a sleek tech gadget that you use to pair with multiple smartphones for multi-camera shots or videos. Saving time transferring from one phone to the next. Shutter Halo is the perfect way to take pictures without the blur, or use it together with The Selfie Pole to take perfect pictures, you will never need to ask a stranger to take your picture or be left out of a group shot again.
“SHUTTER PANORAMA” Key Word Search in Google Play and App Store.
  • Wireless Camera Remote Trigger for your Smart devices.
  • Forget-arms-length self shot pictures.
  • Pair with multi-Smart devices and remote trigger for multi-camera shots at the same time.
  • Capture full length images and record videos from afar.
  • Simple to pair and easy to carry.

Take your selfie to the next level. Snap uninterrupted pictures in front of landmarks, record live performers over the crowd at festivals and snap group shots at parties.

An extendable rod for mounting a smartphone or camera. Easily attach your smartphone, extend the pole and take the perfect picture. Uniquely designed twist and lock feature. One twist to lock and one twist to release.

The Selfie Pole with its universal screw can also be attached to cameras or even large screen phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 6plus.


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